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Car Jump Starter - 12v Lithium Portable Battery Jump Starter - Car Battery Jump Starter 8000mAh Up To 4.0L - Jump Starter Pack - Jump Pack

Car Jump Starter - 12v Lithium Portable Battery Jump Starter

Having a reliable portable car battery charger is important for bad weather, vehicles with older batteries, and unforeseen circumstances that might require a jump start.

Developed as a safer, more convenient alternative to traditional cables for jump-starting a car with a dead battery, our Portable Car Jump Starter is exactly that.

Yet thinking of this primarily as a portable jump-starter and battery charger seriously limit its potential

Our Portable Car Jump Starter is also a dense little storage bin for electrical energy and comes with many useful built-in accessories.

It can recharge with standard extension cords, wall-plug adapters, USB ports in running vehicles, or cigarette lighter-style 12-volt male adapters.


  • Start your car up to 40 times per charge with our sleek 12v lithium battery car jump starter.
  • Suitable for any vehicle up to 4l Petrol or a 2.5l Diesel engine.
  • The power bank has one USB output for charging your phone and other devices.
  • A built-in flashlight with multi-mode lighting: constant, SOS, and flashing.
  • The luxurious design imitates car headlights giving it a high-end look.
  • Super simple to use - simply connect this jump starter to your car battery and turn on the ignition to jump start your car in seconds - all done easily on your own!
  • Its built-in flash has you covered with 3 lighting modes - Constant, SOS, Flash.

Important FAQs

  • Q. Can it start a completely dead battery?
    Yes, it will start a vehicle that has been left unused for years. It will also start your car in very cold temperatures up to -20 degrees
  • Q. How do I use it?
    Step 1: Connect the cables to the jump starter power bank with one click.
    Step 2: Connect the positive and negative cable to your car battery. Red for positive and black for negative.
    Step 3: Turn on your ignition.
  • Q. Is the jump starter wireless?
    Yes, to use it, you do not need to plug it into your car via USB or into your cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Q. Can I charge the jump starter in my car?
    Yes, you can. You can recharge the jump starter in your car through a USB port or with the car cigarette lighter adapter which is included with your purchase.
  • Q. How do I charge the Jump Starter?
    There is a cable included, you plug this into your jump starter pack and then straight into your electricity mains plug socket in your house. You can also charge it via USB through your laptop or computer. It takes 4 hours until the car jump starter is 100% fully charged and ready to use
  • Q. How often do I need to charge it?
    It will jump-start a vehicle up to 40 times without needing to be fully charged. No need to charge it often. There is also a battery indicator on the jump starter showing you how much charge is left so you are always aware.
  • Q. How big is the jump starter?
    For a powerful device, it is unique, sleek, and compact in design meaning it will easily fit into your glove compartment leaving plenty of room for other belongings.
  • Q. Can it charge my phone?
    Yes, it has a USB port to quickly charge your phone or other personal devices.
  • Q. Does it have a torch?
    Yes, it has a bright flashlight mode to help you see clearly on dark occasions. There is also a flash mode and an SOS light setting for emergencies.

Product specifications

  • Capacity(mAh): 8000-10000Peak
  • Current: 800 A
  • Certified: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Charging Time: 4 hours

Package includes

  • Car Jump Start Power Bank
  • Jumper Cable, Clamps (Red+Black)
  • Charging cable cigarette lighter adapter.
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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