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Kids Tracker Watch - User Manual

Kids Tracker Watch - User Manual 

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use in order to properly install and use the watch. The color of the watch can differ.

I. Before use check if the device corresponds to the packaging and that all accessories are included.

II. Insert a SIM card and select the GSM network. (Attention: Please switch off the clock before inserting the card.) SIM card terminals must have GPRS and caller ID functions.

Note: The SIM card must be a 2G GSM Micro Sim card (850/900/1800/1900)

III. Functionalities:

  • GPS + LBS two-way location
  • Remote control via smartphone
  • GPRS real-time location, tracking and monitoring
  • Intercom
  • Health
  • Backtracking
  • Alarm
  • Security zone
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Watch Remove alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Remote shutdown

IV. Watch layout

V. Product Size:


ⅤI. App Installation:

There are two possible ways to install the “SeTracker2” app on the smartphone:

  1. Scanning the QR code (on the back of the watch and above)

      2. Download "SeTracker2"  in APP store

VII. APP Registration

Before log in, you will need to manually register the account/ID. You can either scan the barcode or manually insert the ID. The user name should be no less than 4 characters (letters or numbers), and the ID and user name is unique and unrepeatable.The registration interface is like below:

VIII. APP functions Menu

After you finish the registration, put in the correct account name and password, click log-in, you will find the home interface like below:

Please Note: You might find the titles with different descriptions according to the version of the app, but the functions are the same

Functions Description:

1. Intercom: This function, you can have voice conversation between watch and SeTracker Send voice message over SeTracker: when the recording is initiated, SeTracker will automatically record and send the recordings to the watch, maximum 15 seconds. On the watch, short press S.O.S button to play the recordings. Watch recording: long press the power button to record, recordings will be sent when hands released, max. Recording duration is 15 seconds. The app will receive an alert when the voice message is received (the timing before you can receive the message is depending on your network operator)

2. Map: Real-time location can be viewed on the watch The watch location can be found on the map, press "positioning" the watch will start to locate your device for 3 mins, the uploading interval is 10 seconds, after 3 mins it will restore to the default working mode. On the map, you can find the watch positioning way real-time. If the position icon is Red is GPS positioning mode, Blue, is LBS position, Green is wife positioning.

3. Settings: You can set the parameters in this menu:

    • SOS/Family Number: can set 3 numbers, in emergency, alert will be activated by press and holding the SOS button for 3 seconds. It will call the 3 set numbers in a loop. If not answered, calling will be stopped after 2 loops.
    • Monitoring: You can monitoring without call (Call rate will be apply from your phone card company)
    • Do not Disturb: All call will be silenced in there 3 periods
    • SMS alert settings: alert when the watch is low power, SOS button is pressed, or take off the watch.
    • Contacts: you can set 10 numbers to call in the list.
    • Telephone: You can set up to 10 phone numbers in the watch.
    • Language and time Zone: You can charge the time zone if you want other state. a. QLD, NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania -- East:GMT+10:00 b.NT, SA - - East:GMT+9:30 c. WA—East: GMT+8:00
    • Push Switch: Take off the watch Alert
    • Restore to default working mode: When the default mode is activated, the GPS will be enabled 24 hours, the location retrieving interval is 10 mins.

4. Geofence: Safety zone the min. Fence radius is within 500 meters, if the watch user walked out of the range, you will receive an alert

5.Rewards: On the app, choose the red-heart numbers, click confirm it will send to the watch immediately, the watch screen will show the love and numbers

6.Alarm: It can set 3 alarms, you can set the alarm mode to your needs.

7. Find my Watch: If the watch is not nearby, send this command, the watch will start to ring for 1 mins so that you can easily find it, press any button will stop the ringer.

IX- My account

X) Instructions

  • SOS Emergency Alarm: Long press the SOS button for 3 seconds, watch will circularly dial three SOS number two rounds. If no answer, device will keeping calling till two circles calling finished. Watch can also send SMS Alert to monitoring numbers (default off) and also show on the APP
  • Anti-lost Alarm: Watch strap with sensor switch, watch to wear at least 3 minutes, remove the strap will generate alarm, watch will send alarm messages to monitoring number(default closed), and send the APP alarm notice.
  • Low power: Alarm Watch will send SMS Alert (default off) to monitoring numbers and also send alarm notification to the app when battery power is lower than 20%.
  • Pedometer: Watch is equipped with 3D sensor which will calculate the user step when walking or running, the user can know your movements through the APP side. 7.4.2 Sleep Monitoring According to watch rotating frequency and amplitude to determine the user's quality of sleep, default detection time from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 in the morning the following day, user can check related data through the APP.
  • Sport Function Computing by step number, step pitch and weight, step pitch and weight can be set up.
  • Intercom System Long press the power button to start recording, after releasing the power button to send the voice message to the APP. If watch got voice messages from APP, there would be notification on the display. Press SOS button to play the voice massages.
  • Voice Monitoring Watch must preset monitoring numbers, when given order command from watch user, device will make one way call to monitoring numbers
  • Power Off Power off is permitted without SIM card installed or remote controlled by APP and no power.
  • Family Number Watch has two affection dial key, long press to dial, the family number 1 corresponding sos1, family number 2 corresponding to the family number 2.
  • Contact List App side preset 10 Numbers which permit to call the watch to implement two-way conve

XI. Hardware Specifications:


Q: Is this watch waterproof? Can I immerse it in water?

A: This watch has an IP67 water resistant rating Deep waterproof, can soak in water for more than 3 hours, can take swimming.

Q: What type of SIM card is suitable for this watch?

A: The watch only supports the SIM card with 2G GSM communication standard. To make a phone call, the voice call service of the SIM card must be enabled. Please contact local communication operator for details.                       

Q: Does the watch emit strong radiation? Will it cause harm to health?

A: The watch has been tested by an authoritative third-party testing agency. The radiation is minimal, which is almost 0 and far lower than international standard. It will not cause any harm to human body. No need to worry about this issue and enjoy it!

Q: Can I use the watch without a SIM card?

A: If the watch does not have a SIM card, the communication-related functions will be disabled, such as call and SMS

Q: What are the requirements for the charger?

A: Please use a standard USB charger for the watch. It is recommended to use a mobile phone charger and avoid charging the device through the USB port of a computer.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the watch?

A: It might take about 2 hours to charge the watch. There is a power icon on the watch which indicates the current power. When the power is low, please charge it immediately.

Q: Will it have any negative impact if the watch hasn't been used for a long time?

A: The power of the battery will drain completely if watch will not be used for a long time. Before using it again, charge the device for 10 minutes first.

Q: How safe is the battery? Will it explode or cause a fire?

A: The watch adopts lithium polymer battery, which will not cause any safety issues such as overheating, explosion or fire. Moreover, the stress tolerant structure will ensure the safety of the battery!